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Secrets to save big on your cable bill

  • My cable bill is out of control! Can I lower it, or maybe even get rid of cable entirely?
  • Call your cable provider and mention that your bill is too high and that you are thinking about canceling or switching to a competitor. You can also ask to have your modem rental fees removed. Be polite, but firm. You'll be amazed at the concessions you can get. If those options don't pan out for you, take a look at what's available free online (short answer: A lot!) and figure out if you can get by with that. You can stream a lot on online video onto your TV with a Chromecast for $35 or less, or you can pick up a Roku or Apple TV, which do even more, for less than $100. If you choose to cut the cord on cable, you may want to look into buying an HDTV antenna. With a one-time payment, you can watch local broadcasts and sports (including the Super Bowl) in high definition separate from cable.

Cool Site of the Day

Find out if your data has been compromised!

I'm always alerting you to big data breaches. Sometimes, millions of personal usernames, passwords and email addresses are stolen in these hacks and leaks. But how do you know if you've been compromised by these security breaches?

Click here to check if you have an account that's been affected.

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