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Earn extra cash before the holidays

  • I can't believe it's almost time to start shopping for Christmas gifts! My budget is tight this year. I don’t have a computer, only a smartphone. Do you have any tips on how to save money?
  • Sign up for an online rewards system called Swagbucks. With this service, you'll receive Swagbucks, or points, for shopping online, watching videos, searching the web, playing games and answering surveys. You can then redeem those points for gift cards to Starbucks, Amazon, Home Depot, Barnes & Noble, and several other major retailers. The exchange rate is 1 cent = 1 point, so you must accumulate 2,500 points to earn a $25 gift card. Here's a general idea of how it works: When shopping online through the app, you can earn anywhere from one to 10 points per dollar that you spend, videos range from 1 to 4 points, and the average survey pays 75 points. If you hurry, you'll have time to earn enough points for a few stocking stuffers! Swagbucks is a free download for Apple and Android users. But that’s just one idea! Click here for more details about Swagbucks and four additional mobile apps you can use to earn money.

Cool Site of the Day

Find a price for your old device

Buying the latest smartphones, tablets and other gadgets is fun, but it's hard on the bank account. It's also hard on your house's storage space. You don't want to throw those gadgets away, though. Not only did they cost you money, you don't want them ending up in a landfill where they could cause significant damage to the environment.

Instead, you can make a bit of that money back with a little bit of help from the Internet. We've found a site that will tell you what your gadget is worth, from smartphones to laptops to tablets and digital cameras. Who knows. Maybe your old iPod is worth thousands.

The site is called Sage BlueBook (formerly Worth Monkey) and it works by searching data all over Internet regarding the current asking price and selling price of the used goods you're looking for. And it has information on millions of used electronics. From laptops to servers, RAM to motherboards, their database covers the computing spectrum (though gaming devices and audio gear aren't catalogued by Sage BlueBook).

Find a price for your old device

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