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Windows won't update

  • I like to install Windows updates manually, but I noticed I haven't gotten any update notifications in a while. Am I missing something? I use Windows 8.1.
  • Earlier this year, Microsoft pushed out a huge update for Windows 8.1 called Windows 8.1 Update 1. I think I know your problem. If you didn't install Update 1, you won't receive any more security and program updates. To install Update 1, go to Control Panel>>Windows Update. If you haven't installed Update 1, you'll see an entry labeled KB2919355 that's around 900 megabytes in size. Select that and install it. Just be aware it will take a while. After that's installed, hold on! You should have six months of previous Windows updates waiting for you. Click here to learn more about using Windows Update, how you can tell you're updated and why automatic updates are a good thing to turn on.

Cool Site of the Day

Share and borrow e-books for free

E-books are increasingly popular thanks to their convenience. You can carry thousands with you wherever you go!

Still, one thing you can do with a physical book is lend it to or borrow it from a friend. E-books don't always make that easy - until now.

eBookFling is an online library service for Kindle and Nook e-books. You can list and lend any of your e-books for free. After 14 days, the book is automatically returned to you so you can lend it again.

Lending a book will earn you one credit - credits allow you to borrow from the thousands of e-books on the site. If you don't have any credits, you can borrow an ebook for $3, but you shouldn't need to do that.


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