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Dealing with a laptop spill

  • I recently spilled coffee on my laptop's keyboard and fried it. Since I'm a klutz, what should I do if this happens again?
  • Consider picking up an ultra-thin transparent silicon keyboard protector skin for your laptop. It will protect against spills, wear and tear, dirt, food crumbs, bugs, and other unwanted stuff. If a spill does occur again, immediately turn the laptop upside down, disconnect the power cord and remove the battery. Let it sit for at least 24-hours so that the coffee can drain and dry. With something sticky like coffee, you may need to remove the keyboard keys to really clean it out. Click here for more details on recovering from a spill.

Cool Site of the Day

Best recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone and now you have a stuffed stomach and a stuffed refrigerator. Throwing food away is wasteful, but finding creative recipes to use up the leftovers isn't always easy.That's why I'm sharing these great sites with you.

Click here to turn Thanksgiving leftovers into scrumptious new meals.

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