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Buy these items online to save

  • In the past, everything I bought online was cheaper than it was in the store, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Is anything still cheaper online, or are those days gone?
  • Brick-and-mortar stores have worked hard to make their prices competitive with online retailers, but there are still a few things you can get cheaper online. Electronics like smartphones, laptops and game consoles are often available for less online. You just need to poke around a site like Google Shopping to find deals. Pet suppliers are moving their operations online, so pet supplies are often available for less, too. Get the full scoop on where to find the best online deals for these types of products and more.

Cool Site of the Day

Watch the world get attacked in real time

Every day, millions of cyberattacks take place around the world. Cybercriminals use a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack to disable major online services by overwhelming servers with much more traffic than they're able to direct.

Governments, thieves and third-party hacking groups are constantly chipping away at each others' computer hard drives and servers in search of valuable information. And now there's an awesome way for you to watch these attacks with today's Cool Site.

With this website, you can see cyberattacks as they happen or go back over the last year to view attacks that happened in the past. On the Digital Attack Map site, you can see data from over 270 Internet service provider customers around the world.

A DDoS attack can be used to initiate and disable all different types of website for millions of people. A hacker can take an election page offline to influence results or take over banking sites to leave customers without a way to access their funds.

DDoS attacks are highly customizable, and that means almost all major sites are left vulnerable to sneaky cyberthieves.

The goal of the Digital Attack Map site is to bring the public an easier way to understand just how many cyberattacks go one every day and how devastating a DDoS attack really is.

"We hope this tool allows more people to understand the challenges posed by DDoS attacks. We also hope it triggers a dialogue about how we can work together to reduce the threat of DDoS Attacks, improving the Internet for everyone," says the Digital Attack Map.

So, click on the big blue link below to check out the Digital Attack Map and learn about the importance of destructive DDoS attacks.

Watch the world get attacked in real time

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