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The best tablet for back to school

  • My new college told us that we need a tablet and they recommend the iPad for compatibility and available apps. They suggested I get the Mini for portability reasons; but I've been thinking about the Air. I don't know if the Mini would be as good to read textbooks on as the Air. I learn something new every time I listen to your show. What do you think?
  • The price difference between the iPad Air and the iPad Mini is only around $100, so unless you are strapped for cash, I would go for the iPad Air. The iPad Air's screen is 9.7 inches versus 7.9 for the Mini. They both have a beautiful retina display, so why not see it on a larger screen? As far as storage goes, you will want to get at least 32 GB since you will be downloading textbooks, lectures and other apps. Next, you will want to decide if you should get a Wi-Fi only or get the cellular connection. Most classrooms will have Wi-Fi, so you should be covered there. If you have a smartphone, you could also set up the phone to be the iPad's wireless hot spot.

Cool Site of the Day

Send yourself helpful email reminders

Human brains can only hold so much information. Luckily, we live in an age where computers and the Internet have almost unlimited amounts of memory to help us out.

Whether you need to remember a birthday, or to pick up something at the store on your way home from work, use NudgeMail to easily send yourself email reminders.

All you need to do is open your email program and type a message. For the email subject line type in a day, date or time to receive your reminder, such as April 19, 2013. Then, send the email to

When it's time for that important meeting or event, you'll get an email to remind you. It's fast, easy and doesn't cost a thing.


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