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Use Craigslist the right way

  • So much is in the news lately about people being robbed and killed using Craigslist. I want to buy a used bike. I see a few bikes listed but I am afraid to even contact the sellers.
  • There are three basic Craigslist safety rules. Be sure to hide your contact information. Deal only with cash. Most important, handle your transactions at safe places, such as a police station. Learn more about these three rules at my site here. OfferUp is an online classified site like Craigslist, but sellers scan in an ID so the site can verify a person’s identity. It also has a rating system to help you find reputable sellers. If OfferUp doesn't have what you're looking for, click here for two more online classified sites better than Craigslist.

Cool Site of the Day

Listen to chart-topping music over the decades

Who doesn't love listening to music? With so many different channels like Spotify, YouTube and Pandora, listening to music has never been easier. All you need to do is make a few clicks and just about any song or album you can imagine is at your disposal.

But the way we consume music has changed almost as much as the musical styles themselves. Remember when you actually had to take a trip to the local record store and buy a physical album, complete with photos, lyrics, liner notes and more?

But among all this change there has been at least one constant: Since 1946, the Billboard music charts have documented the most popular music of each year.

Listen to Billboard hits.

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