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Read easier on a smartphone

  • I would love to get a smartphone, but the text on the Android my husband has is so small. Is there a smartphone for those of us without eagle eyes?
  • Android has a number of readability tools built in that can help. For example, go to Settings>>System>>Accessibility and turn on "Touch zoom." Now you can tap the screen three times in a row to zoom in on something that's too small. Tap three times to zoom back out. If you want to make all the text larger, go to Settings>>Accessibility>>Font size and bump it up to Large, Very Large or Maximum. Learn more about using these options and two other ways you can use Android without microscopic vision.

Cool Site of the Day

Check out the new Money Center

It's a fact. Everyone likes to save money. That's why brings you several money-saving suggestions every week, but that's just the beginning.

Enter the brand new Money Center, your go-to resource for everything money related. You'll find great advice on ways to save and make money, including how to cut your bills in half, online tools to bring in extra income and even ways to save at the pump and at the grocery store.

There are handfuls of money management apps and sites to help keep your finances in order. There are also loads of calculators you can use to see how long it will take you to pay off that credit card or compare insurance rates.

And let's not forget some of the best tools of all - the ones that keep your money safe from hackers, scammers and other bad guys.

Check out the new Money Center

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