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Find the cheapest gas on your trip

  • My wife and I like to do long cross-country driving trips for summer vacation. We know from experience the gas stations along the freeways are usually the most expensive. But driving into an unfamiliar town looking for cheap gas can waste a lot of time. Is there a better way?
  • Grab an app called Gas Buddy (Android, Apple, Windows Phone; Free) before you take off. Simply punch in the city or ZIP code you're in and you'll see where the cheapest gas is. You can also add the most recent prices you find and earn points that can lead to free gas. That isn't the only app you'll want to take on a road trip, though. Click here for five more apps you don't want to leave home without, and see a list of road trip sights science says you need to check out.

Cool Site of the Day

See if your favorite movies and TV shows are streaming online

You're ready to ditch your cable. And why wouldn't you be? Cable bills can cost you upwards of $100 every month. Now's the best time to cut the cord because there are many great services out there where you can stream your entertainment.

There's Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV ... the list is growing all the time, so by no means are your cable alternative options limited.

Before you make the switch, you want to make sure you won't miss your favorite TV shows or movies. But with so many streaming options, how do you know which one shows the programs you want most?

Luckily, there's an easy way to tell.

See if your favorite movies and TV shows are streaming online

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