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Best site to get good airline ticket prices

  • I'm planning my family’s European vacation and I need to find cheap flights for six kids and two adults. There are so many travel sites. Which site is the one you use?
  • Google Flights is a fantastic starting point for finding inexpensive airline tickets. It lets you look at the price differences between airports for entire regions like Europe, England or London rather than having to pull up airports individually to check the costs. Be sure to use the calendar feature. If your flying dates are flexible, at a glance you can find days to fly that cost hundreds less. Love that! You can also sort by the number of stops and flight duration. It really is a useful tool that will help you in other ways too. Click here for insider tricks and steps to saving big money on your next trip.

Cool Site of the Day

Find free secret movie screenings in your area

Watching movies at home is fun, but it's no match for the movie theater experience, complete with huge screen and a top of the line sound system. That's why I love heading to the movies, grabbing a tub of popcorn and watching the latest blockbusters. What's better than just seeing a movie? How about snagging tickets to an unreleased movie absolutely free?

I know what you're thinking. Only Hollywood A-listers and movie executives get to view screeners for free. But, that's not true. Lots of movies are shown to select fans beforehand to get their thoughts and feedback before the film is released to the public.

These screenings are held in secret though, so you usually have to sign up for a special email list to find out about them. Not anymore. This awesome site searches out secret movie screenings in your area, and it only takes you a few minutes to sign up and print out your free tickets.

Find out how to get free tickets.

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